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      High Performance Textiles
      Auburn Manufacturing, Inc. is the industry leader in high performance textiles for reducing the risks of fire and heat, protecting personnel and equipment, lowering energy consumption and saving money. We manufacture the widest range available of versatile textile products for industrial maintenance, repair, operations and production applications, including pipe and hose coverings, removable pipe or valve insulation, gasketing and sealing, fire blankets, safety clothing, and welding protection fabrics – many now FM Approved as Welding Pads, Blankets or Curtains.Light, flexible, non-abrasive and easy to use, our fabrics provide severe temperature protection from 225°F to 1800°F continuous (107°C to 980°C)…and from extreme cold, too. Engineered for exacting performance, they’re made with a variety of temperature-resistant yarns including fiberglass, aramid, carbon and essentially pure amorphous silica — plus a full range of treatments and coatings.

      AMI makes six different types of high temperature fabrics for welding safety use, ranging in temperature resistance from 225°F (107°C) to 3000°F (1650°C). They are designed for a wide range of applications and levels of heat exposure, and are available with a variety of fibers and coatings.

      ● AMI-GLAS – 100% fiberglass
      ● VEXTRA – Vermiculite-Coated AMI-GLAS
      ● GOLDENGLAS – Neoprene-Coated AMI-GLAS
      ● AMI-TUF – Silicone-coated AMI-GLAS
      ● CARBO-GLAS – Carbon-Fiberglass Composite
      ● AMI-SIL – Essentially Pure Amorphous Silica