Analog Converters

Mini Analog: Signal Convectors…Small on the Outside, Packed on the Inside!

In the age of industrial bus systems and digital data logging, networking and decentralization are more in vogue than ever before. Nevertheless, it is hard to imagine industrial installations and plant engineering without universally applicable transducers. Economic efficiency, process reliability, low installation costs and flexibility are as important as never before. The new Mini Analog product range is both smaller and more powerful than earlier devices of its kind. The Mini Analog modules give users more control over problems arising from measurement and control technology, such as parasitic voltages or overlapping interference signals.

Product Range

In a 6.2 mm narrow housing

MINI ANALOG from Phoenix Contact provides the full range for analog signal processing:

● Configurable signal isolators (via DIP switch).
● Signal isolators with fixed setting.
● Repeater power supplies, passive isolators.
● 1 and 2-channel, PT100 measuring transducers (2, 3 and 4-conductor termination).
● Thermocouple measuring transducers (Type J and Type K).
● Voltage/current transducers.
● NAMUR switching amplifiers.
● 3-way isolators with special input signals.

Advantages at a glance

● Space-saving compact size with 6.2m width.
● Top performance: 3-way isolation and transmission errors < 0.2 ● Hot Swapping and Expert Distribution of power: The DIN rail bus or “T-Bus” supplies the modules on the DIN rail with voltage and carries the data between the modules. If a device is ever removed from the DIN rail bus, the connection between the remaining modules remains intact. ● Reduced Wiring.