Bolt Connection Terminal Block

Bolt Technology – a unique Connector

The Rugged bolt connection terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact Have been developed for wiring the ring cable lugs comfortably. An important characteristic is the integrated screw locking with a spring lock washer. This prevents it from becoming loose on its own and thus rules out the need for maintaining the connection. The cap nuts of this series are held securely in the hinged folding wings. All ring cable lugs in accordance with DIN 46234, DIN 46235 or DIN 46237 can be connected.

Product Range

The Bolt connection Terminal blocks are for all types of conducts of up to 240mm2 can be thus wired securely and with long-term stability. In addition to an extensive product range of feed-through terminal blocks, the Bolt series also includes disconnect terminal blocks for the connection of current transformers.

Advantages at a glance

● Robust connection technology.
● Simple operation.
● Highest contact safety.
● Maximum tensile force resistence.
● Simple multi-conductor terminal block.

Block modular terminal blocks can be snapped onto DIN rails quickly and simply. The large marking areas with seamless middle marking, as well as the standardized test accessories are advantages which make the bolt connection terminal blocks unique. In addition, by using the same accessories as other connection methods, logistics costs are reduced. The integrated shock protection with the captive cap nut and captive integrated screw locking make installing and maintaining the application easier.