CABINET add-on

CABINET add-on

Electrical connections & components in switchgear can be securely mounted in a time saving manner by using suitable mounting facilities & selecting the correct tool.

Product Range

Manual Tools includes Crimpfox ergonomic crimping pliers for crimping the most varied cable lugs, ferrules etc. Cutfox with a wide range of cable cutters up to 1400 sq mm or 100 diameter. Wirefox includes the stripper with interchangeable blades to cover the most common stripping operation in order to provide more than one lac operations. Torque Screwdrivers Drivers (TSD) is set to perform each and every application which lays within the range of 0.3 Nm to 6 Nm. Test and Measurement Tools includes range of millimeters, clamp meters and voltage testing equipments. Automatic Devices includes wire cutting, stripping and ferrules crimping machines and Cable lugs.

Shield Clamps are suitable for all conventional cable shields & enables EMC complaint wiring.

Cable Entry System (KEL) provides IP 54 protection for cable entry into cabinets for a wire dia of 3mm to 34mm.

Mounting material range includes DIN rails for secure mounting of terminal blocks inside cabinet with accessories like End brackets to support terminal blocks, Mounting brackets for DIN Rails, Cover profiles to cover individual terminal and complete terminal strip with Cable routine of wires inside the cabinet.

Installation products comprise with Natural bus bars with its Bus bar connection terminal blocks, Multi way connection European terminal blocks, plug in type Socked terminals and Cable binders.

Advantages at a glance

● Secure mounting of electrical connections and components in switchgear and control gear can be made time-saving with suitable mounting facilities.


● 25 % less force exertion with No slip handles & Low impact on wrist & ligaments.
● Cutter with induction hardened cutting edge.