CHECKMASTER: Device Tester

Checkmaster Arrester testing at the highest level

The question of whether or not the surge voltage arresters in use are still functioning is no longer a worry in the case of the pluggable arresters from Phoenix Contact. With the new Checkmaster, testing these modules is now possible at any time, directly on site. The Checkmaster is a device that allows convenient and simple testing of pluggable surge protection devices. VDE 0185 part 3 and 4 therefore requires repeated tests of all surge protection components as part of the maintenance work. To guarantee that plants will function permanently and safety, regular inspections in the form of preventing maintenance are of great importance.

Product Range

The: hot-swap” features of the VALVETRAB & PLUGTR AB mean verification testing can be done without interruption of critical signal or data lines. Different plug-in adapters are available for other Phoenix Contact surge protection modules. Checkmaster makes testing your arresters even simpler, faster and more reliable. System availability and associated reliability of your plant is further increased. Regular testing of your arresters saves you extra maintenance work and the associated costs.

Advantages at a glance

Checkmaster with its tolerance value measurement defines a completely new dimension and quality in the testing of lightning protection systems. To provide a permanents record, Checkmaster has an RS-232/C, V-24 interface to which a PC or printer can be connected. The result of the individual arrester tests can thus be printed out and processed in a protocol with date, time and other identification. The CHECKMASTER provides more functions than this one.
● Simple test sequence: Selecting, scanning, testing logging.
● Cost-effective thanks to “on-site testing”.
● Update via Internet, which saves on shipping costs for updating.
● Extendable through modular test cassettes.