Chrome & Chrome XC

The Look of Stainless Steel Braid With An Upside

● Economical & Easy to Install
● Cut & Abrasion Resistant
● Halogen Free
● Resists Gasoline and Engine Chemicals
● Ideal for Exposed Applications
● Conductive Mylar for Shielding Applications

No installation hassles. No surface abrasion. No ridiculous expense. Just the look of polished braided steel.

These heavy duty metallized mylar sleeves are ideal for dressing up any application with the look of braided stainless steel. The standard CH has a more open look, with transparent PET braided together with the metallic strands to create a slight glimmer when light strikes it and to allow the color of the application 32to come through for a special effect.

Our new X-tra coverage product, Chrome XC, provides fuller coverage with no transparent elements in the braided construction and results in a smooth, continuous metallic shine on any application.