COAXTRAB: Coaxial Surge Arrester

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Antenna receiving and transmission equipment are considered to be particularly susceptible to surge voltages. Antenna cables that extend beyond the building and are generally long, as well as the antenna themselves are directly exposed to the atmospherical discharges. For this reason conductors with a coaxial construction and thus characteristics that are favorable with respect to interference resistance are used.. the safety of the transmission / receiving devices can, however be increased by means of surge voltage protection devices to such a degree that damages due to surge voltages is hardly experienced.

Product Range

Phoenix Contact offering protective module for Transceiver Stations to convert “N connectors” to 7/16 male and female to assist in making it easier to protect coax cable against Lightning and Surges. The C7/ 16-UB-280DC-SB-SET will prevent damage as a result of an over-voltage, with a surge current of 2,500 A (10/350µSec) lightning strikes, and 20,222 A (8/20 µSec) surge spike, to Transceiver Stations. In the case of a fault the surge voltage arrester can be removed by unscrewing a screw in the housing and inserting the replacement CN-UB-GI gas arrester. For the connection of antennae in transceiver systems with F or N connectors, COAXTRAB offers ideal surge voltage protection.

Advantages at a glance

Protection against surge voltage voltages is sensible not only for directional wireless and mobile wireless systems. Local communication systems or video mounting systems should also have surge protection. In the private sector, you should protect your television and radio equipment against surge voltages with special adapters. The safety or transceiver devices of any kind can be significantly increase the availability and operability of the particular device with their special parameter.
● Cut-off frequency > 3 GHz application for many mobile phone systems.
● High RF-power (700W) due to ideal impedance matching.
● Fixed installation with mounting plate (accessories).
● Replaceable gas filled surge arrestor.