Combicon Compact

PCB connection methods for building communication systems and telecommunications

Small, powerful and in the typical green, the COMBICON compact series comprises solutions with spring-cage and screw connection methods for almost all types of applications in building automation, analytical instruments and telecommunications.

Product Range

Witch the pt range, Phoenix Contact provides an entirely new development: a series of terminal blocks with screw connection and, compared with others in its class, exceptional clamping space.

The proven and easy-to-operate spring cage double connection is available in pitches of 3.5 and 5.0 mm as a horizontal, angled or vertical version.

While the FKMPT series has extremely compact dimensions, the new PTDA series is a combination of high terminal capacity and an attractive design. The PTSA range with its small pitches and the angled spring-cage connection provides a space-saving and easy-to-operate solution that is particularly suitable for devices for lighting technology. The PTSA and PTDA connection series are also available with color coding on request. It is also possible to provide blocks with mixed pitches. Thanks to its five plug-in options, the new PT 2.5 plug-in system offers unprecedented flexibility.
As an FO PCB terminal block, the FOPT 2.2 provides a fast spring-cage connection even for polymer fiber optics.

This product line offers:

● Pitches from 2.5 to 7.5 mm.
● Currents of up to 32 A.
● Voltages up to 500 V (surge voltage category III / contamination degree 3).
● Conductor cross section ranging from up to 2.5 mm2 can be conducted.

Advantages at a glance

The various PCB terminal blocks and code-able connectors are versatile and particularly suitable for large-scale serial products and price-critical applications.
● Innovative connection technology with both the options of Screw connection and Spring cage connection.
● Machine-capable Tape-On-Reel packing.
● The pin strips to match the pluggable versions are made of high-temperature resistant material and can therefore also be used in the reflow solder process (THR).
● Optionally available color coding.
● Entire product range is compliance to RoHS.