Combicon Control – Plug Connector

Pluggable PCB connectors for industrial electronics

The well tries and tested COMBICON connectors have established them-selves as the worldwide standard in industrial electronics. Depending on the type of application, completely different demands are made on the connector. For the one, a space-saving design is impact, and for the other quick connection by means of a spring-cage connection. Some can not imaging not locking the connector and header. For MCR applications, increasing miniaturization of the modules necessitates a high packing density of individual connection points

Product Range

Within the control connector range, the product series MICRO, MINI and CLASSIC COMBICON are available with their different features in pitches of 2.5 – 7.62 mm. These combinations are supplemented with different headers with single and double level versions as well as horizontal and vertical plug-in directions. To round off the services, customer specific changes can be made to the connectors. In addition to the green housing standard, another 20 colors are available on request. The headers and connectors can be printed individually for clear identification of each terminal point.

This product line offers:

● Pitches from 2.5 to 7.62 mm.
● Currents of up to 32 A.
● Voltages up to 400 V (surge voltage category III / contamination degree 3).
● Conductor cross section ranging from 0.08 to 6 mm2 can be conducted.
● Boding method: wave Soldering, THR and Press in technology.

Advantages at a glance

● The screw and spring-cage versions are pin-compatible with each other.
● The terminal blocks are available with an enclosed clamping space, as partially assembled versions or in various colors.
● Optimized contact density, Conductor entry and operation.
● Entire product range is compliance to RoHS.
● Pluggablity offers enough flexibility in different applications.