Combicon Housing

Component housing and Panel mounting base and mounting plates for industrial applications

Phoenix Contact component housing make the assembled PCB a shock and dust-proof electronics module. They are installed quickly and reliably on a common 35 mm DIN rail. Apart from a few exceptions, the connecting terminal blocks can be fitted and machine-soldered during PCB assembly. The panel mounting bases consist of modularly assembled components forming a rail-mounting bases consist of modularly assembled components forming a rail-mountable chassis to accommodate a PCB. The surface of the is thus freely accessible and particularly suitable for large operating elements or connectors. If a device cannot be installed on the standard DIN rail directly, mounting plates by Phoenix Contact are available for adaptation.

Product Range

● Component housing
● EMG system Component housing.
● EFG single component housing.
● BC installation component housing.
● UEG/UEGM/UEG-EU/UEGH universal component housing.
● EG Component housing.
● ME/ME BUS/ME TBUS modular component housing.
● ME MAX modular component housing.
● CM compact component housing.

Panel mounting base

● UM profile panel mounting base.
● UMK plug-in module panel mounting base.
● UM plug-in module panel mounting base.
● UTA/EM-MP/SISM DIN rail adapter.

Advantages at a glance

● Tailor-made housings with customized connection methods.
● Wide range of color variants in accordance with RAL color standard possible – Electronic housings can also be produced in colors other than the standard green color. Either complete or as a combination of different colored housing parts.
● Optimum space saving accommodation.
● Insulating material with the V0 in flammability class.
● Convenient and reliable mounting on DIN rails in accordance with EN 60715.