Combicon Power

PCB terminal blocks and connectors for power electronics

The high-performance PCB terminal blocks provide connection options for conductors with cross sections from 0.2 to 35 sq. mm. The use of a tension sleeve or a spring-cage makes connecting the conductor a convenient matter. Complex and costly special aids with ring cable lugs, upfront DIN rails or packages of modular terminal block, MKDSP 25, is designed for currents up to 125 A and has unlimited UL approval up to 600 V or up to 1000 V in accordance with IES / DIN VDE. The connection to the printed circuit board is established quickly and securely using the wave soldering method.

Product Range

The performance spectrum of power connectors starts in the lower segment with the “High Current” HC series. Thanks to the highly conductive materials, the HC contact system achieves a current carrying capacity of 16 A. The conductor is connected using the proven screw connection method (tension sleeve principle), or alternatively using a spring cage. PC 4 is the best choice if you need currents of up to 20 A for PCB.

This product line offers:

● Pitches from 7.62 to 15 mm.
● Currents of up to 125 A.
● Voltages up to 1000 V (surge voltage category III / contamination degree 3).
● Conductor cross section ranging from 0.2 to 35 mm2 can be conducted.
● Boding method: Wave Soldering.

Advantages at a glance

● Entire product range is compliance to RoHS.
● In addition to the standard versions, products are also available for rail mounting and panel feed-through. PC 5, PC 6 and PC 16 are high performance connectors for even larger conductor cross sections with enormous safety reserve.
● Tool free locking through click ‘n lock, which help the customer in saving installation time and space.
● Optimized contact density, Conductor entry and operation.