Control Technology – Class 100 PLCs

Smart Automation with Class 100 Compact Controllers

If the relevant information is not available at the right place and the right time, a company can quickly lose its competitive edge. The fast, transparent and specific transfer of all company data is therefore crucial. With this in mind, Phoenix Contact has integrated numerous components. This ensures the truly seamless flow of information from the sensor to the company management level and therefore maintains the user’s competitive edge.

Product Range

The 100 performance class group has been newly added to the range of inline controls for the control of small to medium sized applications. These compact controllers (ILC 130 ETH, ILC 150 ETH, ILC 155 ETH, ILC 150 GSM/GPRS and ILC 155 ETH 2TX) are equipped with the latest automation and IT technology and can also be used in fields where economical aspects did nor allow the use of programmable controllers in the past.


● Data Memory: 192-512 KB
● Program Memory: 192-512 KB
● Retentive Memory : 8-48 KB
● Flash Memory: 4MB + (256MB SD card with ILC 170 ETH 2TX)
● Processing Speed: 90 micro sec for 1K bit instructions.
● I/O Handling Capacity: 2048-4096 I/Os
● Remote Bus station: 32 Stations Communication: Ethernet + RS232


Integrated Real Time Clock, Field bus (Interbus) Master, Wed Server, FTP Server, OPC Server, SNMP – simple Mail Transfer Protocol, SNTP – Simple Network Time Protocol, GSM/GPRS Modern – For ICL 150 GSM/GPRS, Free programming Software – IEC 61131-36 Standard Programming tool.

Advantages at a glance

Looking for a Powerful, Highly Communicative and Scalable Compact Controller? Our Class 100 Inline Controllers are the ideal solution for automating small and medium-sized machine and function units cost-effectively and integrating them in the company network.

Automation isn’t always expensive and complicated. On the contrary: Get going in automation with the class 100 Compact Controllers from Phoenix Contact. The smallest members of controller family are true team players and work perfectly in a system with Inline I/O modules, web panels and network components. Create your own individual chosen solution. The best price to performance ration with Class 100 controllers include modular expansion, easy programming and a high level of performance.

New to the system: Safety without a safety controller – now your solution will also be easily safe!