DATATRAB Surge Protection for IT and Communication

The new DATATRAB generation protects high speed networks reliably against damage caused by surge voltages. DT-LAN CAT 6 combines high transmission speeds and different data protocols like those of Erternet, Power over Erternet (PoE), ISDN, token ring and DSI in a single device. It is a device. It is device for category 6 high speed data networks. This means that even in the case of transmitted reliably in accordance with std EN 50173-1. Other versions are available under this product range for the RS-485 bus interface as well as for analog and digital telecommunication interface including DSL. The different versions have the appropriate connation methods to conform to the existing systems. The housing has a ground connection snap-on foot into which the ground connection cover with euipotential bonding line is inserted.

DATATRAB can thus be used either as an adapter or a DIN rail module after removing the ground connection cover.

Product Range

● The device can be Usable as an adapter and rail-mountable device.
● Very high data-transmission by using low capacitive diodes.
● World wide first Surge protection device with Ea approval.
● High DSL data-transmission by using low resistance and low capacitive diodes.

Advantages at a glance

● Device available for appropriate connector for different application.
● High data-transmission by using high-speed-protective circuit.
● Use in EDP systems with transmission rates of up to 10 Gbps (CAT .6 / Class Ea) and in telecommunication networks with 16 Mbps (ADSL2+).
● A protective device suitable for all common applications Ethernet, token ring, CDDI, ISDN, DS1 analog telecommunication ISDN, DSL, RS485 etc.