Device Surge Arrester

MAINS-PLUGTRAB Device protection for all applications

The MAINS-PLUGTRAB PT series provides over voltage protection from electrical transients caused by lighting, switching Operations, utility actions, and de-energized inductive loads. Apart from surges high frequency interference voltage can also be couple into conductors & devices and cause malfunctions. With equipment protection, the residual voltage is limited to a value that no longer poses a risk to the connected device. The use of PLUGTRAB PT for the power supply is particularly sensible in control and process engineering, in control and process engineering, in control cabinet engineering and in building technology, i.e. in harsh industrial fields in which surges can occur as a result of switching operations, mains influence due to inductive loads (motors, contactors) and lighting strikes to the structure of the building.

Product Range

Surge protection devices are available for a multi phase power supply networks for termination devices. It provides protection to power supplies, PLCs, controllers and other electrical equipment. This product consists of two pieces: a hard-wired base and a removable plug is inserted and makes contact correctly and safety with surge handling capacity upto 10 KA (8/20µs). This guarantees that only the faulty part needs to be replaced in the event of servicing, keeping costs down.

Advantages at a glance

PLUGTRAB ranges are installed directly before the terminal equipment. For three or five-conductor networks (L, N, PE or L1, L2, L3, N,PE), we have just the right device for mounting on DIN rails.

● Function display on the device and as remote indication.
● Installation on the DIN rail directly at the device and minimum space requirements.
● High nominal current, up to Amps.
● Complete function test with TRABTECH CHECKMASTER.