Industrial Hose & Cable Protection For Harsh Environments

● .09” Wall Thickness Resists Snagging
● Prevents Damage From UV, Gasoline, Engine Chemicals and Salt
● Resists Cuts, Abrasion and Penetration
● Flexible & Economical General Purpose Protection
● Ideal For Home or Shop
● Deflects High Pressure Hose Ruptures
● No Damage After 100,000 Abrasion Cycles

The tightly woven Nylon® makes DF the perfect solution for hose & cable protection. The .09 inch wall thickness will protect cables, hoses and ropes from weather, sunlight and abrasion damage.

When installed over uncoated cable or chains, DF will prevent scraping, chafing and contact damage to painted or other fragile surfaces. DF is resistant to chemicals, UV damage and rot, and is suitable for continuous.

The flexible sleeving cuts with a scissor and the tight construction slides easily over any application.