Ex Converters

INTERFACE Ex – Innovations for process technology

The automation of process control operations requires much information on the current value of different process parameters. The most important measuring tasks involved here concern the recording of pressure, temperature, flow rate and level variables. In addition to these analog (4-20mA) closed-loop signals, a large number of digital message and open-loop control signals exist. A further feature of many process control systems is the presence of zones in which explosive atmospheres can occur. The protection type “intrinsic safety” (Ex i) has become established worldwide for MCR technology because of its comparatively simple installation and economical equipment.

Product Range

With INTERFACE Ex, intrinsically safe signal circuits are electrically isolated from the system level, and the measured values are transmitted to PLCs or process control systems with high accuracy.

MACX Along Ex

The intrinsically safe interface blocks of the MACX Analog Ex series offer the widest range of functions including Analog IN/OUT, Digital IN/OUT, Temperature functions in the narrowest design.

Process Interface PI

PI provides an innovative solution for intrinsically safe circuits with pluggable electronic modules (For Analog IN/OOT, Digital IN/OUT, Temperature) and a basic terminal block (base element) in just 12.4 millimeters.

Multiplexer for HART Signals

The HART multiplexer MACX MCRS-MUX allows online configuration and diagnostic of HART-capable field devices and continuous documentation of the process variables with a PC or management system.

Advantages at a glance

● Prewiring: The PI basic terminal block can be installed and wired in the control cabinet without the pluggable electronics. The required electronic components are plugged in later. They are coded automatically and snapped in securely.
● Functional adaptations are an easy matter during the startup phase.
● There is no need to remove the Ex-i conductors in order to replace a module or alter a function.
● Reserves are simple to retain. Only the PI modules that are actually required at startup time are plugged in.
● The products of the INTERFACE Ex products group are certified in accordance with the directive 94/9/EG (ATEX) and international standards (FM, cUL,…).
● Optional inbuilt surge protection modules.