Fast Connection Terminal Block

Quickon fast connection technology quickly leads to the safe contact

The QUICKON-QT series is characterized by the Insulation.

Displacement Connection (IDC). QT modular terminal blocks are designed for fast conductor without stripping. An important characteristic is the special space-saving connection. As a result of the connection being so simple, the wiring time is reduced by up to 60% Stripping and fitting splicing protection is no longer necessary thanks to the QUICKON fast connection system. All that is needed is to cut the conductors to the correct length and they can then be contacted within seconds. A standard screw driver is used to operate the terminal blocks and the switching states are clearly signaled by engagement points in the start and end position. When a conductor is connected, the conductor insulation is cut open, displaced and the conductor securely engaged in the end position where it makes large area, gas-tight contact. The conductor is connected simply, reliably and fast with just one turn of a standard screwdriver. The high quality of the QUICKON fast connection is attested by the fact that this connection is certified in acc. With the standard for EEx e applications, as are the screw and spring-cage connections.

Product Range

A Solid and stranded conductors of 0.25 to 2.5mm2 can be wired without aids such as guide ferrules using the patented insulation displacement contact. High grade special alloys and snap-fittings of the switching statuses always ensure a secure electrical connection. Large surface, spring-loaded contact points guarantee a current carrying capacity of 24 A. there are two, three and four wire terminals with one or more levels for cable cross-sections of up to 2.5 mm2. in addition with numerous multiple level spring-cage terminal blocks, the fuse and disconnect terminal blocks are available with comprehensive range of accessories.

Advantages at a glance

● Shortest Terminal Time.
● Terminated in a Single Motion.
● NO Wire Preparation Time.
● NO special Tools Required.
● Gas-tight contact.