Fire Flex

Silicone Jacketed Fiberglass Resists Heat, Abrasion & Moisture

● Stable to 500
● Contains Radiant Heat to Prevent Damage To Nearby Components
● Cut & Abrasion Resistant
● Halogen and Asbestos Free
● Resists Gasoline and Engine Chemicals

Silicone jacketed fiberglass sleeving is the choice of professionals in racing and other industries where protection from constant temperatures approaching 5000 F is mandatory.

FireFlex fiberglass/silicone sleeving (FI) is engineered to contain radiant exhaust and coolant heat within pipes and hoses and to protect expensive performance equipment and operators from thermal damage.

The thick, high temperature fiberglass sleeve is jacketed with a non-permeable, heavy silicone coating that is flexible enough to follow tight radius curves, resists all automotive chemicals and solvents, and provides a substantial level of abrasion and puncture protection.

FireFlex is completely non-conductive, will not melt, delaminate, become brittle or support combustion under normal conditions, and provides a professional level solution to thermal protection needs in any application.