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      With over 26 different metal conduit systems to select from there is sure to be a system to meet your application. Choose from conduit systems ranging from 10mm to 75mm in size, manufactured in galvanized steel or stainless steel and with or without a range of coverings/over braiding.

      Key Features

      ● High compression strength
      ● High pull off strength
      ● Wide temperature tolerances
      ● High impact strength
      ● EMC screening performance
      ● High IP rating – up to IP69K
      ● FM58347

      Key Features

      ● Suitable for a range of applications including heavy duty
      ● Maintains integrity of the system in extreme applications
      ● Suitable for a diverse range of operating environments
      ● Can withstand impact forces such as falling objects
      ● Protection against electromagnetic interference
      ● No risk of water or dust ingress

      Non-Metallic conduit & fittings

      Non-metallic systems are typically lighter, easier to work with and more cost effective to install. With advances in material technologies non-metallic systems can provide an alternative solution where typically only metal systems had been considered previously.

      We have a range of products which can offer properties dependant on your requirement for impact resistance, flexibility, fatigue life, operating temperature and fire performance to name but a few.

      With over 21 different non metallic conduit systems to choose from we are sure to have a system to meet your application. Systems are available in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 10mm up to 106mm, manufactured from a range of materials offering different properties.

      Key Features

      ● Wide range of sizes
      ● Light weight
      ● Easy to cut
      ● High fatigue life
      ● Superior IP ratings – up to IP69K
      ● Slit versions available
      ● Non corrosive
      ● Highly flexible

      Key Features

      ● Suitable for a wide range of applications
      ● Easy to work with for ease of installation
      ● Reduced installation times
      ● Reduced whole life costs
      ● No risk of water or dust ingress
      ● Suitable for retrofit applications
      ● Suitable for diverse environments
      ● Movement without any impact on
      ● Performance