Flexo F6 FR

Flexible, Semi- Rigid Split Sleeving Will Not Support Combustion

● Wraparound Without Fasteners
● Temp Range -75°C to 125°C
● Melt Temp 230°C

Flame spread is a vital safety consideration in applications as diverse as homebuilt aircraft wiring and safely managing sound & lighting cables at clubs, concerts and theaters. To accommodate these issues, and to provide unequaled flexibility and access, we’ve developed this unique sleeving product.

Self-extinguishing F6F fully complies with UL standard VW-1. The addition of a flame inhibitor to our triaxially braided F6 split sleeving provides the perfect solution to a wide range of cable management needs.

Easy slip over installation, complete access along the entire run, economy, durability and UL certified flame retardance make F6F ideal when the goal is to manage wires and cables safely and effectively.