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      Saint-Elmo® Lightning ConductorSaint-Elmo® Lightning Conductor

      Franklin France offers a complete range of products for External Lightning Protection and its star products Saint-Elmo® Lightning Conductor with piezoelectric exciter device.


      A rod-type lightning conductor, connected to earth, efficiently works by altering, at its level the euipotentials which matchs the structures of the building it protects. The emergence of the lightning conductor is an important factor in increasing the local electrical field. The principle of the piezoelectrictric lightning conductor relies on several factors: the reinforcement of the local electric field and the early creation of a preferential discharge channel.

      Protection offered by lighting conductors (NFC 17-102)

      The ability to promote excitation at lower values of the electrostatic field (hence earlier) enhance the capture probability of lighting conductors. This capacity gives them greater efficiency in the role of “preferential capture points” compared to any other lighting conductors offer superior guarantees during low intensity discharges (2 to 5 kA) compared with simple rod type lightning conductors.