Industrial Wireless

We convert your requirements… With Industrial Wireless technology…

Installing cables and data lines in expansive systems or replacing worn out drag chains are not forgetting the high installation, mounting and maintenance costs. Modern wireless transmission systems simplify installation, reduce maintenance as well as downtimes, increased productivity. An absolute prerequisite for industrial use is that the systems meet the stringent requirements with respect to the reliability of data and signal transmission.

The Industrial Wireless product range from Phoenix Contact makes highly efficient wireless communication solutions available to you. Here, the INTERFACE Wireless range concentrates on the wireless transmission of along and digital, as well as serial data. Simply compose your and transmission solution with Industrial Wireless from Phoenix Contact.

Product Range

Wireless IO

When it’s about the wireless transmission of analog and digital signals, then Wireless I/O is the right choice. The wireless I/O systems are optimized for the cyclical data.

Wireless Serial

With Wireless Serial, you can exploit the advantages of a wireless data connection and communicate comfortably and flexibly via the RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 interfaces of the mobile system parts. Additional modems allow remote worldwide maintenance in connection with public GSM telephone networks.

Wireless Bluetooth

For integrating automation components in Field bus or industrial Ethernet networks with range typically up to 150m in industrial halls, as well as 200 m outdoors.


For data exchange without range limitations over the mobile telephone network.

Wireless Accessories

The Wireless range of accessories covers the accessories necessary for the indoor and outdoor area. The solar systems make it possible to include distant sensors without being dependent on the electricity network.

Advantages at a glance

Trusted Wireless is characterized by the following positive features:

● Robust and reliable communication in an industrial environment.
● License-free ISM Band (Industrial, Scientific and Medical Band).
● Diagnostic options.
● Can be operate parallel to WLAN-802.11 and Bluetooth systems without interference.