I/O system in Control Cabinet

Inline Automation Kit

The automation kit is based on a simple principle: everything must be as easy as possible. “Plugging instead of wiring” is the motto. However, this simplicity is not only valid for installation. Already during configuration, the user can select among a great number of terminal blocks with few or many I/O points. And you will only pay for functions you actually need. Whether in the control cabinet or the terminal box, the required automation functions can be put together entirely according to your wishes. Numerous applications can be implemented beyond the standard functions with our function modules from the inline automation kit.

The choice is yours – temperature recording, pulse generation and detection, point-to-point positioning and motion control are just a few examples. The inline automation kit offers numerous functions that complete your solution.

Product Range

An inline station is configured with high granularity in the case of digital and analog inputs or outputs with 1,2,4,8,16 up to 32 channels. The required functions are easily combined on the DIN rail behind the bus coupler as per the “Plugging instead of wiring” principle for the desired network or bus system. One, two, three and four-wire termination is possible. For us, safety goes without saying! The inline system naturally has international approvals and licenses. Therefore, you can always be sure that the use of our I/O terminals in your applications will fulfill your requirement reliably. Inline Block IO is the optimum addition to the inline automation kit. The block modules combine a fixed number of I/Os with a network or bus connection within a small area.

Advantages at a glance

High modularity, low wiring effort, large variety of functions and precise diagnostics are the advantages of this tool kit. Take advantage of these advantages for your bus system. In this way you will reduce start-up times, speed up troubleshooting and increase the availability of your systems.

The inline automation kit offers bus couplers and function terminal for all current networks and functions.

Less space on the DIN rail – more functions: 8 inputs and 4 outputs are an integral feature of the new inline bus couplers, which measures just 80 mm. Not only do these devices ensure fieldbus communication, it also performs part of the automation task. To transform this part into a whole concept, Integrated assets management functions are another valuable feature of this new generation of bus couplers.