Lightning Current Arrester

FLASHTRAB Takes the fright out of lighting

High-energy lighting surges invade a facility through the AC Power feed. For this reason, proper surge protection design should start at main distribution panel. Utility-generated transients also occur here, making the possibility for severe surge events very high. Properly protecting the AC Power feed shields a facility from the damaging effects of these surges. Power supplies are used in many different applications, and therefore they have differing demands of lighting and surge protection. Protection of power supply in a critical industrial process is different from the requirements to protect those used in a residential building. Main power feed is often the pathway that brings external surge voltage into a facility. The protective devices of the “Flashtrab” family offer high-capacity surge arresters in a standardized, user-friendly installation design.

Product Range

Type 1 / Class B arrester (lighting current arrester) Flashtrab with single channel arc chopping spark gap. Phoenix Contact has wide range of products having protection level as low as 0.9 kV with high surge handling capacity upto 50 KA (10/350) per phase and upto 100 KA of pulse from (10/350) between N-PE. These qualities let the spark gap satisfy the relevant requirements of the IEC standard.

Advantages at a glance

Featuring the same contour as the modular protector family, users can include the lighting protector in all applications with the MPB bridge system, generating practical advantages. The low trigger level means there is no need for additional decoupling coils which saves your space in the cabinet.

● Signal high capacity spark gap arresters.
● Particularly suited to ‘3+1’ connection for use between N and PE in TT and TN-S system.
● Modular design.
● No need of additional decoupling elements.
● Easy wiring through different clamping parts of connecting power cables and shorting cables.