LINETRAB Surge Protection for MCR Technology

The LINETRAB product range offers surge protection for signal circuits of the MCR technology up to 4 signal wires can be protected over a design width of just 6.2 mm. As a result, a customer has more space in the switch cabinet. A signal narrow arrester is enough to protect 3-4 conductor measurements in accordance with the system. LINETRAB provides ideal solution foe wide range of application such as binary, analog and intrinsically safe circuits. The total surge handling capacity of the arrester is 20KA for 8/20µs.

Product Range

● Direct grounding through NS 35 DIN rail.
● The INTERFACE cabling and front adapters can be used to connect eight LINETRAB’s directly to a controller.
● The TBUS adapter can be used to bridge the floating reference potential of suppresser diodes across different arresters with the products LIT 2-24 and LIT 4-24.

Advantages at a glance

● Additional wiring to PE is not required, simple snap on connection.
● Individual arresters in the switch cabinet can be marked separately.
● Due to the side marking, the connection of the arrester (clamping part pockets) is clear and an incorrect connection is prevented.
● The cabling cost and wiring errors are reduced in applications with a large number of signals in comparison to PLC-side individual wiring.
● Complete normal mode voltage protection among all wires (across all arresters) in the case of LIT 2-24 and LIT 4-24.