Managed Ethernet Switch for Every Application

Factory Line Managed Switches

Inexpensive unmanaged switches only conduct data packets to the right output but cannot be addressed as independent components. Managed switches, however, support the standard SNMP protocol, as well as web-based management. This makes available both detailed configuration and diagnostic data used for commissioning, operation and maintenance as well as a large amount of network and device information on every computer installed in the network.

Product Range

● Lean Managed Switches are available for manageable, but still cost effective. The compact devices are available in the pure twisted-pair variant with eight ports at 10/100 Mbps as well as, alternatively, with four twisted-pair and two glass fiber 100BASE-FX interfaces, either in the multi-mode or signal-mode version.

● Manageable switches like the MCS and the MMS control and diagnose networks and devices, allow redundant paths and segment communication solutions. To fulfill these and other tasks, they have functions such as the rapid-spanning three protocol and fast ring detection, with which redundant network structures from all manufactures can be realized. Via integrated web pages and the SNMP protocol, extensive configuration and diagnostic options, as well as other network and device information for commissioning, running operation and in the event of error are available.
The smart managed switches FL Switches SMCS are the first industrial DIN rail switches which support Gigabit Ethernet on all ports. The Ethernet infrastructure components provide the realtime properties required by Profinet IO-RT and also provide the bandwidth which is required for integrating IT realtime services, such as video or voice-over IP in automation networks.

● The managed switches from the Factory Line product range offer a series of IEEE compliant security functions which regulate access, prevent undesired data traffic and impede data tapping. These functions include setting up VLANs, controlling access with the help of MAC addresses and preventing access with the help of the port security.

Advantages at a glance

● Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP).
● Fast Ring Detection.
● Quality of Service.
● Web Based Management.
● Multicast Filtering.
● Auto Crossing & Auto Negotiation.
● Diagnostics via Alarm Contact.
● Status and Diagnostic Indicators and Diagnostic Display.
● Conformance with EMC Directives.