With the MARKING system from PHOENIX CONTACT, the customer gets a seamless system designed to work together, from the software to the ready labels with different printings machines.

Product Range

BLUEMARK LED-High-speed printers with UV technology

BLUEMARK LED makes labeling standardized UniCard sheets for terminal block, conductor and equipment marking as easy as making a paper printout. Solvent-free special ink and up to 10,000 labels per hour make it an eco-friendly high-speed printer.

THERMIOMARK S1.1 – Thermal transfer printers for every application

The THERMOMARK s1.1 has been especially developed for industrial use.

Its features are Compact design, High print resolution of 300 dpi, Easy handling, Low weight and Universal use.

The roll material for the THERMOMARK printers has positioning perforations that ensure printing at the accurate position and a low loss material changes. The THERMOMARKS S1.1 can be expanded optionally with modular attachable accessories.

THERMOMARK W2 – Double sided Continuous shrink sleeve printer

The shrinkable makers sleeves WMS…cover the diameter range from 1 mm to 25 mm with just four versions by shrinking to a ratio of 3:1. the thin-walled sleeves seldom wear out and are ideal for captive conductor and cable marking. Besides good electrical isolation, they also provide protection against mechanical wear and are flexible after processing.

THERMOMARK X1.2 – Single printer for rolls & endless shrink sleeves

The Thermomark X1.2 completes the product range in the field of Thermal transfer printers towards the high end as it is characterized by a high printing speed & a print resolution of 300 dpi. The Thermomark X1.2 is suitable for individual mass labeling & process all roll materials. The new and easy to operate now enables labeling of endless shrink sleeves. High quality resin based ink ribbons guarantee labeling resistant against mechanical and chemical effects.

Advantages at a glance

● Optimally coordinated software and hardware for quick and easy labeling of applications with the help of CLIP PROJECT planning software.
● BLUEMARK ‘s UV based solvent free printing technology is wipe resistant in accordance with EN 61010-1 / VDE 4011-1 and has a high speed of 10000 marking per hour.
● THERMOMARK’s high polymer, thin plastic markers with harsh chemical and mechanical and production environments.