Monitoring Relays

Keeps your electrical system running!

In every industry it is important to have measurement and control monitoring of drives and motors in switchgear and control gear systems. Monitoring of Voltage, Amperage and temperature parameters can be used to schedule in preventive maintenance for when it is more convenient and cost effective. As processes are becoming more and more complex in every industry like mechanical engineering, chemical industry, automation technology and power engineering, effective operation can be achieved only with continuous monitoring of significant network and system parameters. Electronic monitoring relays of ETD series are available for the widest variety of monitoring tasks to avoid consequences of errors & to control errors and timing sequences in production and process engineering.

Product Range

Monitoring Relays

The monitoring modules of the EMD series offer a cost-effective solution for the mounting tasks such as current, voltage, phase parameters, coil temperature, motor load and fluid level.

Timer Relays

A practical combination of functions and time setting ranges as well as devices with special functions (star-delta) are available for the timer relays of the ETD series.

Function Blocks

In the function blocks, simple functions down to the component level are packaged for industrial use and provided with professional connection methods. Examples: Diode modules, lamp testing modules, display & motor attenuation modules.

Advantages at a glance

● Wide power supply input range for application flexibility.
● Simultaneous multi-parameter mounting for comprehensive applications.
● Different colors LED’s on front of the module for simple diagnostics.
● One or two floating PDT contacts full function in a high-density mounting package.
● On delay and off delay with and without control contact.
● Special functions, such as Star/Delta Start-up.