New Arrivals

  • Aramid Armor

    Aramid Armor – Soft, Lightweight, and Extraordinarily Strong

    Extra heavy duty, tightly woven Aramid Armor is braided from aramid fibers, soft and pliable but with 5 times strength of steel on equal-weight basis.

  • PET- Unique

    PET – The Unique Braided Construction in New Colors

    Flexo PET sleeving, the widest range of standard colors available in the industry, just have expanded with four new colors: Dark Purple (DP), Brown (BR), Checkered Flag (CF) and Platinum Gray (PG).

  • Flexo Mounting

    Flexo Mounting System

    Our new patented Flexo Mounting System has been created to attractively terminate applications with a secure mountable end. The installer friendly part clamps securely onto the sleeve without attaching to your wiring for ideal strain relief.

  • OEM Pressure Sensor for Industrial Applications

    OEM Pressure Sensor for Industrial Applications

    The new model P3410 is one out of four pressure transmitter for general industrial applications.

  • Electronic Differential Pressure Switch

    Electronic Differential Pressure Switch

    The new electronic differential pressure switches S1510 have a robust measuring system and can be used for system pressures up to 16 bar. The integrated electronics convert the measured values into switching signals and electrical output signals. The 3½ digit LED shows the actual measuring values.

  • Force Transducers up to 3,300 kN

    Force Transducers up to 3,300 kN

    Safety and the conformance with the appropriate standards are crucial in lifting applications. Heavy goods, which are moved by cranes or other lifting equipment, are always a potential threat to staff.