Increased Friction On Smooth Surfaces Minimizes Slipping & Accidents

● Manages and Protects Cable Snakes
● Increases Safety in High Traffic Areas
● Economical & Easy to Install
● Cut & Abrasion Resistant
● Expands up to 150%

FLEXO NON-SKID (NS) is a unique combination of our standard PET material braided together with a matching thread of a high-friction polymer.

NS is engineered primarily for wire and cable management in smooth floor, high traffic environments such as broadcast studios where someone might inadvertently step on a cable snake and slip.

As long as there’s no excessive pressure on cables protected with NS, the entire snake glides easily and quietly along the floor. When local pressure is applied, such as someone stepping on the cable, the high friction material comes in contact with the floor and reduces the possibility of the cable sliding out from underfoot.

NS is substantially less “slippery” than our regular PET, yet provides the same level of flexibility and protection from cable wear and abrasion.