• Cabinet add-onTerminalSpring Connection Terminal BlockPush-in Connection Terminal BlockCliplineIndustrial connection systems – CLIPLINE From the modular terminal block to mounting material and tools and through to the complete PC-aided project planning and marking system, everything that you need for perfect control cabinet wiring can be found in the CLIPLINE.
    • PlusconSensor Actuator BoxConnectorsPlushcon DevicePlushcon FieldEquipment connection systems – PLUSCON The PLUSCON documents industrial connectors for data, signal and power cables. The product portfolio also contains connectors for optical fibers and pneumatic lines.
    • CombiconPCB TerminalCombicon Control - Plug ConnectorCombicon PowerCombicon CompactEquipment connection systems – COMBICON The COMBICON provides industrial electricians with the complete range of PCB terminal blocks, and plug connectors for printed circuit boards.
    • Quint Power SupplyPLC RelayInterfaceSafety RelaysAnalog ConvertersSignal level matching – INTERFACE The INTERFACE catalog includes not only interfaces for binary, serial and analog signals, but also power supply units, PLC system cabling and electronic load relays. Starting with the serial sensor/actuator box ad going through to visualization software.
    • TrabtechLightning ArresterDatatrabDevice Surge ArresterLinetrabSurge voltage protection – TRABTECH Professional surge voltage protection can be found in the TRABTECH . Structured according to surge voltage protection for power supply units, Data interfaces and MCR applications. Phoenix Contact provides one of the most comprehensive programs on the market.
    • AutomationRemote I/OsCheckmaster: Device TesterI/O System in Control CabinetControl Technology - Class 100 PLCsAUTOMATION From I/O systems for fieldbuses and Ethernet, embedded and PC-based control technology through to programming and visualization: AUTOMATION offers everything that makes up innovative automation technology from Phoenix Contact.