PLC Relays

The original Slim Relay

Clear and reliable potential separation is becoming more and more important for the reliability of industrial automation facilities. Modern relay or optocoupler interfaces fulfill the most varied tasks. Whether in production engineering, for the electrical equipping of machines or in control engineering for power distribution, process automation and materials processing. The main aim is to guarantee the exchange of signals between the exchange of signals between process peripherals and the higher level control cabinets. This exchange must provide reliable operation, be floating and electrically unambiguous.

Product Range

● PLC Relay from Phoenix Contact is the perfect interface between control and system peripherals for all your different applications as follows:
● PLC Relays for large Interference voltages: PLC Relays SO46 relay module.
● PLC Relays with Inrush currents handling capacity up to 130 A….. PLC…IC.
● Optocoupler PLC Relays for different applications…. PLC-OSC…
● PLC Relays with DC voltage up to 300 volts: PLC-OS…300DC/I.
● PLC Relays with Electronic PDT: PLC-OS…48DC/500/W.
● PLC Relays with Manual switching: PLC-S…
● PLC Relays with Switch, reverse and brake motors functions: PLC-S…ELR W…
● PLC Relay especially for special engineering applications: PLC-OSP…24DC/3RW.

Advantages at a glance

● Electromechanical or Solid State Relay as alternatives.
● More functionality in the sleek housing.
● Modules with spring-cage and screw connection are of the same shape.
● Easy connection to the prefabricated system cabling.
● With 6.2mm width and minimum wiring for sensor and actuators it saves a lot of time and space.
● Integrated and input protection circuit, easy labeling, LED indication and pluggability.