Pluggable Connection Terminal Block

The flexible Plug-In –System

The pluggable product solutions of the family of COMBI products are an important part of the CLIPLINE complete system. Due to the increasing demand for pluggable solutions, also outside the control cabinet, we have completed the COMBI product range by plug connectors with different connection technologies. Thus the customer may benefit from the advantages of a modular, quick and flexible wiring for different cross sections and outside the control cabinet.

Product Range

The area of application of the COMBI connectors continues to be expanded by pluggable solutions with all connection technologies. The CLIPLINE complete system now includes not only terminal blocks but also plugs that can be optionally combined by the user in line with application requirements. Besides solutions for the mounting rail, the product range is completed by free-hanging connections, connections for direct assembly and panel feed-through. The possibility of a pluggable power wiring up to 4 mm2 rated cross section and 32 A/ 800 V enables a wide area of applications. Thus the competence of Phoenix Contacts in the area of pluggable solution has been further expanded and strengthened on the market.

Advantages at a glance

The Universal Concept
One system – using the same accessories. The same standardized accessories of main stream Phoenix contact terminal block are used for the COMBI product range i.e. bridging, marking, testing, function elements.

The plugs have the same wire entrance as the according basic terminal blocks, thus allowing a user-friendly connection of flexible conductors with and without ferrules.

●With the powerful COMBI plug-in system, the nominal conductor current of a 4mm2 conductor is made pluggable. The nominal data 32
●A at 800 V allow to use the system for both, signal and power wiring. The contact is resistant to most extreme vibrations and is finger safe.
●All plugs are available with number of pos. 1-15 and as version for safe assembly.
Practice-oriented coding options for protection against polarity reversal.