Pluggable Signal Line Surge Arrester

PLUGTRAB More availability for measurement and control technology

Industrial computers, PLCs, sensors, and instrumentation contain the brains that make today’s modern automation systems live and breath. At the heart of these powerful tools lies the sensitive microprocessor. As semiconductor technology has advanced exponentially over the last few years, so has the sensitivity to voltage and current fluctuations. Especially in the area of measurement and control systems, often a multitude of lines must be protected from surge voltages. With TRABTECH surge protection and the PLUGTRAB PT product family it’s no problem from surge voltages. This means that not only the assembly in the control cabinet remains easy, but even the installation cost are minimized.

Product Range

Phoenix Contact PLUGTRAB PT series allows these previously vulnerable pathways to maintain the reliability originally intended. The PLUGTRAB PT series offers protection from even the toughest of transients….those caused by direct or close-by lighting events. Wheather two, three or four conductor measuring technology, PLUGTRAB PT offers the perfect solution for all applications. When dealing with cable shields direct or indirect connection to local ground is possible, depending on the choice of base element. The DATA-PLUGTRAB PT…-HF can be used with bus systems up to 12 Mbits/sec. For Fast Ethernet (100 Base T), PT 4… PLUGTRAB is designed to protect sensitive three and four wire devices line to line between all signal wires, and line to ground for common mode surge current handing.

Advantages at a glance

Failure of the signal circuits of MCR technology due to surge voltages can result in large scale damage. When selecting surge protection devices for MCR technology, it is recommended that a convenient installation using two-part devices (a base element and a protective connector) is utilized.

Double density signal and data products provide protection for up to four discrete or two analog signals per 17.5 mm DIN-rail space.

● Easy plug-to-base connections facilitate installation.
● Self-coding for different voltage plugs provides assurance against mis-application.
● Quick mount grounding foot provides easy connection and high performance ground.
● Pluggable suppression can be “hot-swapped” for verification testing.
● Class 1, Div 2 approved for hazardous locations.