Pluscon Circular

Circular connectors for signal and power transmission

PLUSCON circular stands for circular connectors to use in industrial automation. Whether the requirement is to transmit analog or digital signal or to transmit electrical power up to 150 A at 630 V per contact this products spectrum has the wide range to cater and provide the instant solution. The overall spectrum serves the entries range of circular connectors for industrial applications.

Product Range

Broadly this product range covers the following type of circular connectors:

Sensor/actuator flush-type connectors
A comprehensive program of M5, M8 and M12 flush-type connectors and panel feed-through has been developed from the various requirements of sensor/actuator device connection technology in the industrial sector.

Configurable sensor/actuator plugs
The 5-way selection provided by the connection technology offers fine-tuning for specific applications or requirements in the field. The configurable connectors are available in unshielded and EMC-compliant components.

Signal and power connectors
In addition to cable and coupling connectors, cabling also requires device flanges and panel feed-through. The Con Power product range is designed accordingly. It comprises a total of 4 performance classes.
● P20 – up to 20 A/400 V
● P30 – to 30 A/630 V
● P70 – to 70 A/630 V
● P150 – up to 150A/630 V

Advantages at a glance

Pluscon circular finds its superiority in faster installation through innovative connection technologies. This range also facilitates an extensive pallet of freely configurable circular connectors which intern ensures safe and efficient filed wiring.

● The 5-way selection option permits fine-tuning adaptation to the respective application or requirement on site.
● The connectors are available in straight and angled designs, with pin and socket contacts and with different numbers of positions.
● In addition to traditional screw and spring connection, Quickon provides the fast connection with the help of IDC technology.
● IDC (QUICKON) provides simple field assembly possible without special additional tools.
● Shielded and freely assembled connectors are available for EMG compliant applications. They are characterized by a sturdy, metallic shell with corresponding shield damping.