Pluscon Data

The complete range for inter face connections

Standardized data interfaces are coming into increasing use in connection with industrialized applications as part of the decentralization of complex manufacturing systems and the increasing need for rapid exchanges of information and data. Within the course of the decentralization of complex manufacturing systems in the increasing requirement of a quick information and data interfaces are used in industrialized applications. Industrial environmental conditions place high requirements on connectors, connecting technology and cabling which are not comparable with those in the office sector.

Product Range

With PLUSCON data, Phoenix Contact offers components suitable for industry in the protection types of IP20 and IP67 for such Classic field buses as Interbus and Profibus, industrial Ethernet, Profinet, USB and Fire Wire.

Complete installation system
The product range consists of connectors, wall feed-throughs, assembled lines, patch panels, terminal outlets as well as the respective accessories and thus makes for a complete installation system. PLUSCON data is suitable for use in field and industrial building cabling inside control cabinets as well as for integration in machines with a high protection type.

Simple field assembly
Easy-to-operate quick-connect technologies are connectors under difficult conditions in industrial environments. The Rj45 Quickon and the M12-Quickon can be assembled for Ethernet and Profinet cabling without special tools.

Copper and fiber optic technology in the same design
The FO connectors SCRJ in protecting type IP20 and IP67, which are especially suitable for the industrial Ethernet, are available for all conventional fiber types and are also equipped with established quick-connect contain all tools and materials needed for field assembly.

Advantages at a glance

● Industrial Ethernet with M12 or RJ45 connectors.
● USB 2.0, Fire wire, fiber Optic, (SC RJ), and D-sub Connection systems.
● Fieldbus, Device Net, Can Open and Profinet.
● IP20 and IP67.