Pluscon Device

Compact and modular plug connectors with IP67

VARICON from the product range of Pluscon device is specially suitable for devices. It also finds its suitable utilization in terminal boxes and control cabinets in harsh industrial environments. Due to the modular structure and the multitude of contact inserts from signal to power connections at 70 A, VARICON specifically offers proven solutions in the area of the electrical drive engineering. The basis of the program is formed by modular contact inserts with screw and PCB connection for turned and rolled contacts. The universally usable screw connections are characterized by high reliability, low transmitting resistances and a compact design.

Product Range

Modular contact inserts
VARIOCON Modular allows power and signal transmission to be combined in one connector. The connection capacity ranges from 4-position/ 70 A / 690 V to 40-pos. / 10 A / 160V.

Crimp contact carriers
The crimp contact carriers are available as male or female contact carriers and fulfill the requirements for multi-position plug connections. Turned and rolled crimp contacts from the proven HEAVYCON D-series are available for the 15, 30, 50 and 695-position crimp contact carries plus two capacitive PE connection each.

Sleeve housing and supporting base elements

The sleeve housing are available in three housings are available in three housing versions:

● Plastic,
● Metal, power-coated
● Metal, EMC-coated.
● Metal, salt-water resistant.

Advantages at a glance

● Modularity of the contact inserts and housings.
● Installation of the connector without a panel mounting base.
● Sturdy housing screw locking for start-up and service.
● Optimized connection technology.
● Direct PCB connection in the device.
● Plastic, Metal, EMC housing types.
● Optimum solution possible from 2 to 65 positions.
● Wire-to-wire or wire-to-PCB connection options.
● IP65/67/68/69K.