Pluscon Heavy

Sturdy rectangular connectors for Power distribution and Control signal transmission

The product range of PLUSCON heavy contains a comprehensive assortment of sturdy rectangular connectors for quick start-up and service under the harshest operating conditions. It offers a complete selection of power connectors for sensitive signals of a few mA up to high currents of 200A. The numbers of positions varies with the contact inserts, and the inserts are available in screw, crimp, spring-cage and QUICKON (IDC) technologies. The housing die cast aluminum and equipped with sturdy locks. They protect the contact inserts against dust, moisture and mechanical outside effects.

Product Range

Pluscon heavy comprises Heavycon and Heavycon-Advance, H-Connector and DUPLICON.

● DUPLICON is a power distributor system for 6x4mm2+PE conductors (25A, 400/600V) which is an innovative development by Phoenix Contact for individual decentralized installation with a focus on power distribution.
● QUICKON H-Connector power distributor is suitable for industrial applications with touch- protected IDC fast connection technology for 4 X 2.5mm2 / 690 V and 20A from Phoenix Contact
● HEAVYCON connectors in protection type IP65 have been established for decades in the industrial environment. Heavy-duty industrial connectors of the Heavycon series can be used under the equipped with a longitudinal, cross and central locking bracket.
● HEAVYCON-ADVANCE is a further development of the classic HEAVYCON plugs for panel feed through up to the IP68 protection type. The housing is mounted directly to the mounting panel by using screw or bayonet locking.
● PLUSCON heavy offers a comprehensive solution spectrum of connectors for sensitive signals in the range of a few Amperes up to high currents of 200 A in various position numbers.

Advantages at a glance

● Modularity of the contact inserts and housings.
● Installation of the connector without a panel mounting base.
● Sturdy housing screw locking for start-up and service.
● Optimized connection technology.
● Direct PCB connection in the device.
● Plastic, Metal, EMC housing types.
● Optimum solution possible from 2 to 65 positions.
● Wire-to-wire or wire-to-PCB connection options.
● IP65/67/68/69K.