Push-in Connection Terminal Block

Push-in Technology

Phoenix contact’s direct plug-in terminal blocks have been developed for direct conductor connection. This means that solid conductors or conductors with ferrules can be directly inserted into the terminal block without tools. The contact spring is automatically opened in and thereby ensures the required pressure force against the current bar.

PIT is the new modular terminal block generation in the PxC product range. Thanks to the new spring design, the modular terminal blocks with push-in technology offer a previously unattained wiring comfort with maximum contact quality.

The innovative contact spring is automatically opened when a stranded or solid conductor (with ferrule) is inserted. Minimal insertion forces considerably simplify the process of direct plugging and contacting.

High contact forces grater than those specified in prevailing standards ensure a safe and high-quality conductor contacting. The direct terminal is of particular advantage in very restricted and narrow wiring spaces. The connected conductors are removed using a new button that can be operated with different tools.

Product Range

The PIT modular terminal block range is a part of the CLIPLINE comprises approximately 120 products such as feed-through, multi-conductor, component, multi-level and basic/disconnects terminal blocks. The range also includes pluggable modular terminal blocks and matching connectors. The system accessories (marking, bridging, testing) can be used without any restrictions.

Advantages at a glance

● Fast and Easy wiring with much less physical force.
● Time Saving – Fast and Easy wire installation because of Funnel shaped wire entry area with chamfered edges, ready to adapt even insulated ferrules.
● Clear separation between the operating push button and the wire entry point.
● 100% Touch-Safe i.e. Safe even when working under load. (Which is forbidden!)
● NO Special Tools Needed. Means actuate with any screw driver, even with pen.
● Multiple Marking Options – Universal marking channel offers different marking options.