Reflects On-Axis Light 3600 Up To 675’

● Highly Reflective
● Easy to Install
● Cut & Abrasion Resistant
● Expands up to 150%
● Halogen Free
● Resists Gasoline and Engine Chemicals

FLEXO REFLEX (RF) is our polyethylene terepthalate material braided together with highly reflective 3M Scotchlite® retroreflective monofilament. This unique combination provides a high level of wire and cable protection with the added advantage of extraordinary 360 degree, on-axis reflectivity.

RF is up to 1,500 times brighter than plain white under identical conditions and will provide high visibility safety on wires, hoses, cables, bicycle and motorcycle cables, stage wiring and virtually anything else up to 675′ away. Reflective even under low light conditions Patent pending.