Safety Relays

Simplicity means safety-for people, machines and the environment

Progressive technical development leads to ever faster and more complex production systems. Often, conventional safety solutions are no longer sufficient to protect the health of the operating personnel and to prevent damage to the production units. With this in mind, Phoenix Contact has developed future-oriented safety components and systems for various industrial functions and applications. Our easy-to-use solutions that have been developed in cooperation with numerous users and certifying bodies such as TUV (German Technical Inspectorate) and BGIA (Professional Institute for Safety at Work) fulfill all relevant safety standards such as EN 954-1, EN ISO 13849-1, 1EC 61508 and EN IEC 62061.

Product Range

Easy and error – free installation of safety – related parts of the automation solution is indispensable in mechanical and plant engineering. In the control cabinet, different signals from the field must be monitored and evaluated for correct functioning and cross circuits. Our universally applicable PSR safety relays can be easily configured with the help of external wiring and make use of innovative connection technology. The family consists of:

● Emergency Stop Safety Relays.
● Protective Door/Gate, SPDT Switch Safety Relays.
● Delayed Contact Safety Relays.
● Light Curtain / Solid State Safety Relays.
● Two Hand Control Safety Relays.
● Safety Contact Expansion Relays.
● Safety Relays for Process Engineering with SIL3 Approval.
● Safety Relay for Speed Monitoring and Downtime.
● Modular Safety Relay System. Our PSR safety relays have proven that innovative safety solution do not necessarily need to be complex in order to be able to fulfill the high safety requirements of mechanical and plant engineering.

Advantages at a glance

● Wide range of safety relays in a narrow housing with Pluggable Connectors.
● Easy integration and handling.
● Compact, space-saving design with T-Connector for Bus.
● Innovative connection technology with both the options of Screw and Spring.
● Modular expandability.
● Universal applicability on the basis of all relevant approvals.