Screw Connection Terminal Block

Screw connection a “right” turn

Screw connections are the most common type of contacts with the widest range of variants. Phoenix Contact offers the reliability of connection by ensuring the product quality through optimizing the product design, quality of the raw material and the control over the process involved in manufacturing. The simplicity and dependability of this kind of connection is due to the dynamic approach taken to securing the screw (integrated protection against working loose), to the cable entry funnel (simple insertion of the individual cores) and also to the closed screw box (screw entry). Conductors can be connected with or without ferrules. This design from Phoenix Contact not only meets all of the requirements of EN 60947-7-I, the relevant standard for terminal blocks, but actually exceeds them.

Product Range

● The wide range of conductor size that can be terminated is from 0.2mm2 cross-sections for low current and up to 240 mm2 for power applications.
● Space saving applications are fulfilled by the multiposition, miniature & multilevel terminal block.
● Wide range of designing the panel layout, space utilization, clear marking and convenience in use.
● The various application specific terminal blocks include Sensor & Actuator Terminal Connectors, Disconnect type, Fuse type,
● Component terminal block, Pluggable type, Ground connection type, Explosion proof for intrinsically safe applications. connection type,
● Explosion proof for intrinsically safe applications.

Advantages at a glance

● Hosing material of polyamide 6.6. Provides high installation resistance, dielectric strength of 600 KV/cm, and good fire resistant & Operating temperature of up to 1250C.
● Non ferrous metal parts (all Copper alloys) not only confirm possibility of atmospheric or electrolytic corrosion but also prevents unequal thermal expansion between conductors and clamping parts.
● Unique screw locking design prevents self loosening of screw or loosening due to vibrations.
● The flat and large base area of the clamping unit, transverse grooves on the pressure plate/current bar and the stable design of clamping parts ensure a reliable, gas tight connection of the conductors.
● Contact resistance of less than 0.3 m ohm provides negligible voltage drop across the conductors

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