Security in Ethernet Network

Security devices with firewall and router function for industrial applications

Reliable and problem-free operation of production systems is crucial to the success of a company. Accidents sabotage and data loss can cause large-scale economic damage. Phoenix Contact offers FL MGURAD, an industrial firewall/router solution for the individual safeguarding of distributed automation system in harsh industrial environments. FL MGUARD is an industrial Ethernet Security Router for the protection of automation components and systems against manipulation, operating errors and propagation of network errors. It can be used as a compact DIN rail device or PC plug-in card (PCI).

The FL MGUARD devices are integrated into the network as stand-alone systems. There, they protect a part of the system network, a complete production cell or an individual automation component – all without having any effect on the system to be secured.

Product Range

● FL MGUARD RS– B – Router, no VPN, no Firewall.
● FL MGUARD RS – Router with intelligent Firewall.
● FL MGUARD RS VPN – Router with intelligent Firewall and VPN.
● FL MGUARD RS VPN ANALOG – Router with intelligent Firewall, VPN and analog Modem.
● FL MGUARD RS VPN ISDN – Router with intelligent Firewall, VPN and ISDN terminal adapter.
● FL MGUARD PCI 266 – Router with intelligent Firewall, 266 MHz.
● FL MGUARD PCI 533 – Router with intelligent Firewall, 533 MHz.
● FL MGUARD PCI 266 VPN – Router with intelligent Firewall and VPN, 266 MHz.
● FL MGUARD PCI 533 VPN – Router with intelligent Firewall and VPN, 533 MHz.

Advantages at a glance

● Save time and money by simplified configuration during integration of machines and systems into networks. Individual configuration normally necessary for networking identical machines can therefore be dispensed with.
● Protection of networked industrial systems foe human error, unauthorized or faulty accesses, manipulations, overloads and disturbances by malware via the network.
● Safe remote monitoring, cost effective broadband transmission via the internet, scalable to thousands of systems.
● Safe remote diagnostics and remote monitoring of machines and systems via the internet.
● Not the individual (currently also unique) technical features, but the overall price-performance ratio corresponds to performance, accessible security level and functionality.