Standard Function Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

Standard Function Switches

Standard function unmanaged switches provide the lowest lifecycle cost industrial Ethernet connections. With plug and go installation (no software configuration), manufacturing startups are fast and uncomplicated. The numerous twisted pair (TX) / fiber optic options allows easy and cost efficient Ethernet network expansion. Fully switched Ethernet 10/100 capability and a complete range of Gigabit options ensure the range of capacity and performance needed for future growth.

Product Range

The standard function switches come in 4 product families with increasing functionality.
● Standard Function Basic (SFNB) switches provide Ethernet switching for the most basic industrial 5 & 8 connections (port) twisted pair (TX) applications. There is no plug in security options or performance enhancing -features-only basic Ethernet switching.
● Standard Function flat (SF) switches provide many options for 8 and 16 port general purpose industrial application in a flat form factor housing. All switches have alarm contacts and redundant power inputs.
● Standard Function Narrow (SFN) switches provide many options for 5 and 8 port general purpose industrial application in a flat form factor housing. Within the product range there are options for alarm contact / redundant power inputs, Gigabit and security functions.
● Standard Function Narrow with wide Temperature (SFNT) switches offer all the SFN options are rated for –40oC to +75oC harsh environments and come standard with alarm contact, redundant power and user selectable link monitor diagnostics.

Advantages at a glance

● Lower costs for highest data capacity and performance applications.
● Choice of 1 and 2 fiber connections allows easy integration with star or line configurations.
● Multimode and single mode fibers allow the optimal cost/distance application solution.
● Gigabit on all ports allows easy future expansion and flexible wire layout now.
● Allows high priority messages to be transmitted even in high traffic load conditions.
● Allows user to lower application costs by choosing exactly what is needed.
● Allows user to lower business costs via single source purchasing.
● The switches provide additional advantages in the form of a comprehensive safety concept, which protects all ports against unauthorized access.