STEP / MINI Power Supply

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SMPS Power supplies are the heart of any control cabinet. Availability of a system depends directly upon power supply. For even short-term failures can have costly consequences. It is important that the SMPS should meet all requisite parameters like preventive diagnostics, wide range input, power reserve, etc.

MINI POWER is a power compact for the distributed automation. It’s modular electronic housing is designed for a uniform appearance in MCR technology.

STEP POWER is the new device series is ideal for installation in distributor boards and flat control panels. It is also available with double power density and high energy efficiency in four different pitch units.

Product Range

MINI Series

● Power compact for the distributed automation
● MINI POWER SUPPLY – Output Power up to 100 W and Output Voltage Range from 5 to 24 V DC/1.3 to 8 Amp.
● MINI POWER EX – Power supply for potentially explosive areas with standard EN 60079-15.
● MINI DCUPE/2A – With integrated power supply unit.
● MINI BATTERY – Battery modules for DCUPS.
● MINI DC-DC converter – 48-60V DC/IA.

STEP Series

Available in power classes as well as main – and special-voltages for different sectors.

● Output Power up to 36 W and Output Voltage Range From: 5 to 48 V DC/0.75 to 4 Amp.

Advantages at a glance

● MINI & SPEP Series
● Wide range Input: Single phase (85 – 264 V AC / 90 – 350 V DC).
● Clear signaling for the Proper Power functioning of the Power supply.
● High operational reliability and quality.
● Space-saving, with the best of the widths available on the market.
● Can be used worldwide as these power supplies have all the International approvals.
● Wide temperature range of -25oC to +70oC.
● Service-friendly connection technology.
● MINI Power Supply is equipped with extensive signaling and optimized battery management.
● STEP Power Supplies are available with high power density in housings only 36, 54, 72 and 90 mm.
● Flexible mounting of STEP Power supplies on mounting rails and level surfaces.