Surge Voltage Arrester

VALVETRAB Surge protection for the control cabinet

With the ever increasing dependence on Electronics, Information Technology and Telecommunication systems, electrical reliability of a system is an important issue. Also the point is to understand how much trouble free life can be expected out of an electrical and electronic system against the threat of surge over voltages. Surges are short duration high voltage and current spikes. Majority of the surges are generated by the switching operation of consumer’s load equipment and often bounce between the transformers, inductive and capacitive loads within the consumers distribution system, due to which even the UPS also gets premature failures. VALVETRAB can fit into the small space requirements common with industrial, telecom & control cabinets and for the sub-distribution level power supply.

Product Range

VALVETRAB – the Class C/Type 11 surge voltage arresters that guarantee a protection level as per the need of power supply system with maximum surge arresting capacity of 40 kA, 8/20 µs surge and nominal capacity of 20 kA, 8/20 µs pulses . Different versions are available to address 1-, 2-, or 3-phase power systems. With deferent rated voltage from 60 VAC/DC to 700 V AC/DC ensure that the installation is protected from all internal switching surges. The technology used is that of single high capacity metal oxide variastor with an indication to check its proper functioning.

Advantages at a glance

This protection comes in various designs, meaning there is a suitable solution available for every kind of system including machine control, industrial automation; telecom and IT power supply etc.

● Universal Pluggability with proper coding.
● Thermal disconnect device.
● Mechanical status display of individual arrester.
● Optional integrated floating PDT contact for remote signaling.
● Testable with Checkmaster for onsite testing.
● Dual clamping space for separate connection of power cable & shorting links.