High Temp Stable, Abrasion Resistant, Low Outgassing

● Plenum Suitable
● FAR 25 Approved
● Easy to Install
● Cut & Abrasion Resistant
● Expands up to 150%
● Resists Gasoline and Other Chemicals
● Temp Range -70°C to 280°C
● Melt Temp 310°C

TEFLON® (TF) expandable sleeving is ideal in applications where flame, chemical and very high temperature resistance are significant considerations. The high temperature properties of TF make it the ideal choice for aerospace, military and high-tech applications where thermal stability and low outgassing are critical. TF is suitable for plenum applications.

TF is braided from 16 mil Teflon® perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) polymer monofilament.