Test Disconnect Terminal Block

Partner for the Power supply industry

For almost 80 years, electrical connection technology has made use of the terminals simply aided in connection two wires safety and reliably. Now, practically every application has a customized solution that includes its own connection technology with a wide range of functions. Phoenix Contact’s switchable test disconnect terminal blocks are used wherever high currents are reduced considerably using current transformers and high voltages are reduced considerably using voltage transducers. The classical areas of application are power generation, transmission and distribution. These include:

● Power generation: Generator protection in power stations, regenerative energy generation.
● Energy distribution: Transformer, conductor, bus bar protection, i.e. distribution networks and transformation substations in medium, high and extremely high voltage switching systems.
● Electrical machines, motors, drives.
● For invoicing in intermediate meter area of offices (low and medium voltage).

Product Range

The completely new test disconnect terminal blocks have a screw-freelon-gitudinal disconnect element that can be swiveled into the desired switching position using a screwdriver and snaps in. The disconnect element indicated with switching symbols ensures clear identification of switching positions. The compact terminals are available as feed-through terminals blocks or PE terminals as well. All terminals of the new test disconnection method and have the same structure independent of the connection method and have been structured DIN rail-symmetrically for individual setting up of applications. The pluggable accessories, the high functionality and the various combination options reduced the wiring costs in the switchgears.

Advantages at a glance

● Easy and individual structure of current transformer measuring sets.
● Clear identification of all switching statues within a terminal strip.
● Individual combination options of switching and testing accessories.
● Three connection methods for free selection (end customer-related applications).
● Time-saving assembly using snap-on accessories (screw-free assembly).
● Switch bar for the current transformer short circuits can be snapped in to both sides of the disconnect point depending on the installation direction.
● A completed and uniform range of accessories for all connection methods which lead to reduction in the storage costs.
● Feed-through terminal blocks having the same structure.
● PE terminals having the same structure.
● Compact design (space-saving).