Timer Relays

Keeps your electrical system running!

Timer Relays excel with simple handling. It can be used for various time controlling functions, thus making the use of a small control system redundant. In simple applications, especially in machine and system engineering, time processes are often realized using time relays, which eliminates the need for compact controllers. A single function time relay is only set to the required function once during an application. Even the time is set only once in 95% of the cases and is no longer changed during the entire lifecycle of the device. This gives rise to big need for single-function time relays with just one time range. Since programming is not required in such a case, this results in cost and time advantages.

Product Range

Two complete product range provide us with an optimum functional solution for a wide range of applications.

Compact Timer Relays

In 6.2 mm narrow housings with a time range and a function each, different devices can be selected with one function each. The currently available functions are:

● With switch-on delay, voltage controlled
● With switch-on delay with control contact
● With switch-off delay
● Flashing

Multifunctional Timer Relays

The multi functional timer relays in 22.5 mm wide housings provide universal application options due to their wide range of functions and selectable time ranges. All multifunctional timer relays have two floating PDT outputs. The supply voltage is adjusted using a pluggable power module or a wide-range power supply unit. The Timer Relays of this series completely cover the field of classical applications with the following four versions.

● Multifunction Timer Relay with two settable times
● Multifunction Timer Relay with one settable time
● Multi function Timer Relay with settable pulse and pause times
● Star/Delta Timer Relay

Advantages at a glance

● The colored, insulated FBST plug-in bridges from the PLC accessories range reduce wiring time by up to 70% in comparison with the conventionally wired relay modules.
● Thanks to the PLC-V8 adapter, the 6.2 mm narrow timer relays and the interface modules can be easily connected to the Varioface system cabling. Thus resulting in Quick and easy connection within Control Panels.
● Th time settings can be made very easy yet very precisely using the labeled knurled knob at the front. To protect against unintentional adjustments, the knurled knob is recessed into the casing and can be adjusted using a screwdriver.
● Customized designs are also possible.