TRIO Power Supply

Basic functionality at the highest level

The reliability of power supply units is the decisive factor for the reliable availability of complex systems. For this reason, Phoenix Contact has perfected power supplies for the DIN rail up to 1 kW in the shape of a book. TRIO Power supplies provide maximum power quality and reliability in a compact from factor. With rugged, zinc-plated steel housing measuring between 32 and 115mm wide, the TRIO occupies less space than most DIN-rail-mounted power supplies.

Product Range

All devices from Phoenix Contact including TRIO POWER are the DIN-rail-mountable power supply units with basic functions. With an output voltage of 21 V DC and 1- and 3-phase versions with 60 W or 960 W, it is particularly suited for use in series production.
● TRIO Power Supplies covers a wide range with input 1-phase (85 – 264 V AC) and 3-phase (3×320-575 V AC).
● Output power up to 1000 W, voltage: 24 V DC (can be set on the front panel).
● The TRIO addresses applications requiring 2.5 to 40 amps of 24-volt DC power.

Advantages at a glance

● Can be used worldwide thanks to the wide-range input and all the requisite International approvals.
● Extremely reliable due to long mains failure bypassing and more than 500,000 hours of MTBF (mean time between failures).
● Simple secondary grounding by means of third negative terminal.
● Minimize the installation costs with third minus terminals serves as grounding terminal block.
● Reliable supply with nominal values, even at high ambient temperatures up to 55oC.
● Operational safety thanks to high dielectric strength up to 300 V AC.
● Over-voltage and under-voltage compensation.
● Built-in load sharing capability for parallel operation and increased output.
● Built-in cable tie-wrap holder and Transient Surge Protection.